Friday, January 31, 2014

Francis W. Parker Visit Prep

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Today, we will work on identifying activities to work on with our visitors from Francis W. Parker School on Monday, 2/3/2014.

You will work with a small group of your peers to present, organize and operate an activity in the library.

I will assign each group a section from this web page created by Lehigh University.
  1. Open the page in a new tab.
  2. Find your group's section in the document.
  3. Go through the activities and choose your two favorites. 
  4. Tell me when you are ready to make your choices.
  5. Do not choose anything we have already done with the FWP students.
  6. Ask me to print out your chosen activities.
  7. Write out a plan for how you will present and organize your activities.
  8. Clear the final plan with me.

Remember: Keep in mind the materials you will need for the activity!
You will receive a PROJECT GRADE both today and Monday for your participation and leadership during group time:
  • A (100 points): Distinguished Performance. Responsible. On time for all activities. Exceptional participation. Respectful of all students and adults. Prepared to complete all activities. Dressed in proper attire. Professional and ready to listen to all new ideas.
  • B (80 points): Successful Performance. On time for all activities. Adequate preparation for activities. Mostly respectful of all students and adults. Dressed in proper attire. Mostly professional and ready to listen.
  • C (70 points): Acceptable Performance. On time for all activities. Demonstrates developing understanding of respect. Dressed in proper attire. May have difficulty being professional and ready to listen.
  • F (0 points): Unnacceptable Performance. Not on time. Is not respectful of others. Not dressed in proper attire. Not professional and ready to listen.

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