Tuesday, November 27, 2012

National Archives Activities

A group of Polish immigrants on their way to the U.S.
We will use the follow activities to learn more about immigration to the U.S. using primary source documents.

Activity 1: Child Workers (10 points)
  • Access the activity by clicking on this link.
  • Examine the image closely. Be sure to click on the picture, then click on the "details" button to gain additional information.
  • When you are done viewing the image, click the "I'm Done" tab at the top of the image. Type an e-mail to me (nramin@nlcphs.org) answering the following questions:
    1. Look at the child's expression.  What is he thinking?  How does he feel about his job, his life, his work?  Create a journal entry describing what life was like for him. (5 points)
    2. Does the image show push or pull factors? Explain, using examples from the photo. (5 points)
Activity 2: Immigration to the U.S.: Stories and Travels (35 points)
  • Access the activity by clicking on this link.
  • Examine each document. Match each document to the reason the immigrant came to the U.S.
  • Open this map up in a new tab. Examine the information it contains.
  • Use the information to complete the handout distributed in class.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Map of Latin America

On Monday, 11/26, the day you come back from Thanksgiving Break, you will have a quiz on the countries of Latin America.

To prepare for this, play the Latin America map game. On Monday, be prepared to tell me your score. Write it down in your planner next to the place you wrote this assignment!

Here is the list of countries and landforms:
  1. Mexico
  2. Brazil
  3. Argentina
  4. Cuba
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. Colombia
  7. Guatemala
  8. Peru
  9. Chile
  10. Panama
  11. Paraguay
  12. Uruguay
  13. Haiti
  14. The Dominican Republic
  15. Bolivia
  16. The Andes
  17. The Pacific Ocean
  18. The Atlantic Ocean
  19. The Caribbean Sea
  20. The Gulf of Mexico

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night Homework!

President Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney face off in a debate.
Tonight, go home and watch the election. Complete the following on loose leaf (4 points each, 20 points total):
  1. What station did you watch most?
  2. Who do you think will win?
  3. How do the different channels cover the event? What are they doing while the election is going on?
  4. What did the reporters spend most of their time talking about?
  5. Who won? If the winner is not announced tonight, who is in the lead?