Thursday, December 10, 2015

Teaching Ancient Egypt

We've just finished writing an essay about the Ancient Mesopotamians and the Ancient Egyptians.

We learned a LOT about the Ancient Mesopotamians in class. We have not spent as much time on the Ancient Egyptians.

Now that you've finished your paper talking about the two people, it's time to give the Egyptians a little love.

You will work with a partner to create a presentation and teach your classmates about one part of Ancient Egyptian civilization. We'll be focused on the elements of a civilization, which we call G-SPRITE!
  • Geography
  • Social
  • Political
  • Religious
  • Intellectual
  • Technological
  • Economical
You'll be assigned one of the following topics:
Click on your topic. This will take you to the British Museum website. Read through the information on your topic. Use it to complete each of the following objectives:
  1. Create a new Slides presentation in Google Drive. Share it with your partner and Mr. Ramin (
  2. Name your project "Your Last Name & Your Partner's Last Name - Egypt"
  3. Create a title slide including your topic and the names of your group members
  4. Create a slide introducing your topic
  5. Create three slides summarizing the three most important things you learned about your topic (one item per slide)
  6. Create a proposal slide answering the following question: "What part of Ancient Egyptian culture should we bring back?"
  7. Create a conclusion slide
This is a lot like the essay you just wrote - you should have an introduction, 3 information slides, and a conclusion slide.

Check out the rubric here.

Your slide show should:
  • Look beautiful
  • Include text and images on each slide
  • Be easy to read - no weird colors or fancy fonts
  • Use bullet points
  • Summarize, not copy, information from the website
  • You can use the "alt" + "print screen" buttons to take pictures of what's on the screen!
DUE: Thursday, 12/17/2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Read the story of Gilgamesh at the British Museum website:
A statue of Gilgamesh.
Use it to answer the questions on the worksheet in class.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cave Paintings of Lascaux

During today's lesson, we'll learn about ancient people through their art.

Go to the following website. It will help you respond to the questions we're looking at as a class today.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ancient Civ Intro - Ancient China!

In our next unit, we'll be moving on from looking at our modern world to studying the people who came before us - Ancient Civilizations!

To get us into studying the past, today, you will complete a WebQuest focused on Ancient China.

Answer each of the following questions on loose leaf paper using the links provided.

external image SuperStock_1060-769.jpg

China Link 1

1. How does the Yellow River (Huang He) get its name?

2. Click the "story" link and read the story of Nu Gua. List 2 things that compare to other "creation" stories you know.

China Link 2

external image jade_1.jpg

3. What were 2 of the most prized materials in China and why?

4. What was made in a Kiln?

China Link 3

external image shang-dynasty-map-b.gif

5. When did the Shang Dynasty rule?

6. Who united all of China?

China Link 4

external image 3642607046_489c32b5f9.jpg

7. How were tombs arranged?

8. Why were your ancestors important?

9. Click the "Explore" link and list 3 things you learn about Chinese tombs.

external image oracle.jpg

China Link 5

external image shang_dynasty_bi.jpg

10. How is Chinese writing different from an alphabet?

11. Click the "Explore" link and choose one item. List three things about the item you chose.

China Link 6

external image china-great-wall.jpg

12. How many miles does the Great Wall stretch?

13. The Great Wall we see today was mostly built during which dynasty?

China Link 7

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSo3RhM6HNCOHu9khMLioThF0BqWt-l-rqijwFdsT0k-MhcZVQ&t=1&usg=__3t1KjpFR5fMkjdgAHrdEMCeADsg=

14. What does Confucius have in common with Buddha, Jesus and Socrates?

15. Why was Confucius a "King without a Crown"?

China Link 8

16. According to the timeline, when did the Neolithic era in China begin?

17. According to the timeline, when did the Qin dynasty end?

18. In early Imperial China, how was the Chin dynasty divided?



Thursday, October 1, 2015

Example NL Needs Presentations

Here are some example slide shows for you to look at:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Creating Your Presentation!

Create a new presentation in Google Slides, then share it with my e-mail address:

You'll need to create the following 12 slides for your presentation:
  1. A title slide including:
    1. the name of your organization
    2. the names of your group members
    3. A picture of what you want your building to look like
  2. A project overview slide explaining the purpose of your proposed project for the community
  3. A location slide which tells where you will put your proposed building
  4. A slide showing a map of your proposed location
    1. Take a picture of your map by pressing the "alt" and "print screen" keys.
  5. A slide showing a picture of your proposed location (you can take a picture of the Google Street View showing your location by pressing alt+prt scrn on your keyboard, then paste it into your presentation)
  6. A place slide describing what the area is like and why you chose it
  7. A crime statistics slide
  8. A movement slide describing the ways people can access public transportation near your place
  9. A human-environment interaction slide explaining health and environmental issues faced by the community
  10. A slide showing how you will make your building "green" (environmentally friendly)
  11. A slide explaining how your building will make the North Lawndale community better
  12. A conclusion/"thank you" slide

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

North Lawndale Needs Project

Residents work at a community garden.
Now that you've had your community building project approved, you need to start the planning
process. This blog post will help you research your project and answer the questions on your planning packet.

Note -- you may find information that helps you answer questions in any of the links below, no matter what section they're listed under.

Part 1: Location
Use the links below to find a good location for your building and answer the questions on your planning worksheet.
  • Interactive Census Map showing Race, Vacancies and Unemployment in Chicago neighborhoods (SCROLL DOWN to find the map). It looks like this:
  • A 2005 report showing housing conditions in North Lawndale
  • Do a Google Maps search for the type of building you want to construct in North Lawndale. Try the search "__________ in North Lawndale." Fill in the blank with your building idea.
Part 2: Place
Use the following links to answer the questions on your planning worksheet.
  • Go to the location you chose on Google Maps. Go down to "Street View" level. Move around, then describe what you see on your worksheet.
  • Interactive Crime Map of the neighborhood. Use this to describe the safety level of your location.
  • A Wikipedia article on North Lawndale
Part 3: Movement
How will your building affect the movement of people and ideas in North Lawndale? Use the links below to answer questions on your planning worksheet.
  • Use Google Maps to locate public transportation and other ways for people to access the services you will provide.
  • Do a Google search on your buildings like the one you plan to create. For example, if you are creating a shelter: 
      • Search for information about shelters in the local community. 
      • Read their websites or news article to see how they have helped the community. 
      • Write down the evidence you find. 
      • Use the information you find to answer the questions on your planning worksheet.
Part 4: Human-Environment Interaction
Think about the impact your building will have on the North Lawndale environment. Use the links below to answer the questions on your planning worksheet.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mini Unit Outline

Today, we will write outlines including the information you learned from creating your note cards.

Log into your Google account.

Open up the document at the following link:

Go to "File" in the menu bar, then click "Make a Copy."

Name your copy "Last Name - Mini Unit Outline".

Share your Mini Unit Outline with Mr. Ramin by clicking the blue button in the upper right hand corner. Use the following e-mail address: MRNRAMIN@GMAIL.COM.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bell Work - Pre-Project Survey

What role should the arts play in a high quality education?
Click on the link below and complete the survey form. You have 7 minutes!

Check out the live results here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ancient Egypt - Game Day!

Today, you will have the opportunity to actually explore some different locations in Ancient Egypt.

Play the six games at the University of Scotland website.

Every time you finish a game, get a question sheet to complete from me.

You must complete each one of the question sheets by the end of the class period!