Friday, September 25, 2015

Creating Your Presentation!

Create a new presentation in Google Slides, then share it with my e-mail address:

You'll need to create the following 12 slides for your presentation:
  1. A title slide including:
    1. the name of your organization
    2. the names of your group members
    3. A picture of what you want your building to look like
  2. A project overview slide explaining the purpose of your proposed project for the community
  3. A location slide which tells where you will put your proposed building
  4. A slide showing a map of your proposed location
    1. Take a picture of your map by pressing the "alt" and "print screen" keys.
  5. A slide showing a picture of your proposed location (you can take a picture of the Google Street View showing your location by pressing alt+prt scrn on your keyboard, then paste it into your presentation)
  6. A place slide describing what the area is like and why you chose it
  7. A crime statistics slide
  8. A movement slide describing the ways people can access public transportation near your place
  9. A human-environment interaction slide explaining health and environmental issues faced by the community
  10. A slide showing how you will make your building "green" (environmentally friendly)
  11. A slide explaining how your building will make the North Lawndale community better
  12. A conclusion/"thank you" slide

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