Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Freshman Project - Next Steps

Primary Source Note Cards
Remember - you must complete 5 draft note cards based on your primary sources TODAY. This way I can make edits and help you to fix them.

The final drafts for your note cards are due THURSDAY, 2/21/13.

If you need the citation information and websites for your sources, it can be found here.

Periodical Note Cards
The next step is to start working on the 10 note cards for your periodical. These are due in final draft form on Thursday, 2/28/13.

Browse through the articles for your topics below. Choose at least 2 that you believe are important for your topic. If you would like a paper copy of the article, you can request one from me. I will bring these to class tomorrow, 2/20/13.

You will start by creating handwritten note cards for your periodical(s), just like we did for your primary sources.

Cell Phones:

Gun Control:

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